December 2022

Five Iron Frenzy

Artist Name: Five Iron Frenzy

Formed when? 1995-2003, then reunited in 2011! 

Based in what city? Denver, CO

Social Media accounts/website/contact info? 





Five Iron Frenzy
Five Iron Frenzy – So Far
Five Iron Frenzy

Artist members/rolls? 

Reese Roper – Lead vocals

Micah Ortega – Guitar

Andrew Verdecchio – Drums

Nathanael “Brad” Dunham – Trumpet

Dennis Culp – Trombone

Leanor “Jeff the Girl” Ortega-Till – Saxophone

Sonnie Johnston – Lead guitar

Scott Kerr – Guitar, Bass

Subgenre(s) of your music?  Ska punk, Rock with horns- ha! 

RTA: Favorite artist(s) (not yourself)?

Leanor: Oingo Boingo is probably the band the most infulences me when it comes to playing, recording and performing in FIF.

RTA: What is the inspiration in your music?

Leanor: To save the world on cup o’ soup and student loans. The goal: to tour the world with our best friends playing songs we enjoy and seeing friends we have made because of the band. 

Five Iron Frenzy – Battle Dancing Unicorns With Glitter

RTA: Favorite movie(s)?

Leanor: Favorite Christmas movie because of the lyrics of the songs, the humor and the characters- The Muppet’s Christmas Carol 

RTA: Last album/EP/single release?

Leanor: We just released a single featuring Mike Hererra of MXPX called “When they Find You” – it is about child abuse. 

Five Iron Frenzy

RTA: Any upcoming music releases? When?

Leanor: Sadly nothing to share at this time. 

RTA: Upcoming shows/tours?

Leanor: See above. 

RTA: What is a venue you always wanted to perform in? Why?

Leanor: Always wanted to play in the country of Japan after seeing how well other ska bands are received there! It would be dream come true! 

RTA: What artist(s) would you want to tour with?

Leanor: We love MU330! That would rock! Or any band featuring Mike Park! 

RTA: What brand instrument(s) do you play? Any favs?

Leanor: I am sponsored by Cannonball Saxophones and I play a Raven from the Big Bell series. So loud! Love it! I prefer Vandoren Java reeds. 

RTA: What is the song of yours that means the most to you?

Leanor: Every New Day.

Five Iron Frenzy – Every New Day
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