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Episode #21 – Saving Jackie

The Squiggle Spin, Jan. 6th, 2023, Saving Jackie
Saving Jackie – It’s Critical
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Episode #22 – Three Nail Cross

The Squiggle Spin, Jan. 13th, 2023, Three Nail Cross
Three Nail Cross – Saints From Sinners
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Episode #23 – Salt of the Earth

The Squiggle Spin, Jan. 20, 2023, Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth – Empty Heart
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Episode #24 – Josh Wraith

The Squiggle Spin, Jan. 27, 2023, Josh Wraith
Josh Wraith – Retribution
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Episode #25 – Gravehuffer

The Squiggle Spin, Feb. 3, 2023, Gravehuffer
Gravehuffer – Brainstorm
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Episode #26 – Eden’s Curse

The Squiggle Spin, Feb. 10, 2023, Eden’s Curse
Eden’s Curse –Eyes of the World
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Episode #27 – Beef Demon

The Squiggle Spin, Feb. 17, 2023, Beef Demon
Beef Demon – My Car’s Extended Warranty
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Episode #28 – Serpiente de Bronce

The Squiggle Spin, Feb. 24, 2023, Serpiente de Bronce
Serpiente de Bronce – El me Dijo
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Episode #29 – Caustic Waves

The Squiggle Spin, Mar 3, 2023, Caustic Waves
Caustic Waves – Knocking At My Door
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