Artist Review

By Squiggly Meyers

Out of the Norwegian wood comes a band whose name is synonymous with a defiant resolve and formed in January of 2020 by Sondre Skar Selsvik of Norway and Christopher Erik Knight of the US. Both musicians worked together in a band called Sentrum, and when that project ended, Chris wanted to throw in the towel on music. Though after some encouraging words from a kind woman, Chris made a decision that would forever change the future musical endeavors of the two friends. When Chris contacted Sondre, the wheels were set in motion to form a musical project of grand proportions. Frustrated by the drama of holding a full band together, they realized that between the two of them, they could produce some bone-chilling, epic soundscapes. But what should they call their new creation?

Chris thought about it on a trip to visit family in Florida. The list of names he scrawled out was intriguing. Alas, when researched, each name was already in use. Chris, like Sondre, wanted a name that would be unique and their own, but every name he thought of was taken. In frustration, he uttered the phrase, “This sucks! All good band names are taken!” Then an epiphany. Being a military vet and an advocate for acronyms. He began to write. All Good Bandnames Are Taken, A.G.B.A.T. and they had their name. Over the past three years, the duo have produced some epic songs, including fan favorites such as Hopeless, E.L.E (Extinction Level Event), and many more.

AGBAT’s sound is a kaleidoscope of imagery that, in this humble writer’s opinion, has to be taken in by all the senses. With a heaviness that thunders in and a melodic tapestry that hypnotizes the listener, AGBAT has all the bases covered. They personify the term “Progressive Metal” in every aspect. With a unique sound that seems to take from a multiple array of influences, AGBAT is a band that can’t be caged in a single category, and that says volumes about the passion that breaks molds. The music industry would be wise to pay attention to the cosmic travelers aboard this astounding endeavor.

AGBAT, Walk It Dry

Song Review – Hopeless

By Squiggly Meyers

An ominous feeling, the ambience is broken by fuzz, then a chorus of children fades in, giving the moment a nightmarish sense. Hello music lovers, today’s featured song is AGBAT’s Hopeless, a carnival of sonic imagery that will surprise you. On the surface, it sounds like a typical suspense film soundscape, but it’s so much more. Musically, it falls in line with bands like Disturbed, Korn, and Saliva with that heaviness of the rhythm guitars, but then you hear that arpeggiated synthesizer which offsets the crunch and gives the song a fresh Nu Metal vibe. The vocals are a hard in your face approach, which is well balanced, then that chorus of children makes you sit up and notice the stark contrast. It was very well executed, in my opinion.

The message in the song is surprisingly uplifting, given the dark musical overtones. It makes the assurance of a light at the end of a tunnel. It gives the protagonist in the story a shoulder to lean on and the encouragement to keep going against the odds. AGBAT really lays it down clearly. The potential for success is within us all if we persevere on our journey. So, music lovers there you have it. Take it for what you choose it to be. Get up and make it your day. It isn’t as hopeless as you think.

AGBAT, Hopeless

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