July 2023

Artist Name: AGBAT

Formed when? Jan 5, 2020

Based in what city? Øystese, Norway

Social Media accounts/website/contact info?

Artist members/rolls?
Sondre Skar Selsvik – Producer, singer/Songwriter, guitarist, owner of Lazy S’ Records.

Christopher Erik Knight – Multi-instrumentalist, lead singer/ songwriter, producer

Subgenre(s) of your music?
Progressive metal/djent/multi-genre bending and blending


What was the story in forming the band?

Chris (from the US) and Sondre (Norwegian born) were in a band together for 3 years called ”Sentrum” and after the band split, Chris was finished with music until the mother of the lead vocalist of Ihlo chimed in with some words of encouragement. The next day, a phone call was made to Sondre, and the rest, as they say, is history.

How did you come up with the band name?

Chris was in Florida visiting family in the middle of Jan 2020 before the pandemic hit, and while trying to come up with a name for this new project, Chris said to himself ”This SUCKS!!!….ALL good bandnames are taken!….wait.


(Being a military veteran and an advocate for acronyms put the first letters of each of those words together and presto- AGBAT!)

Christopher Erik Knight, AGBAT

You all are a great advocate for self- promoting yourselves and others. What brought that on to which the term AGBATing now is a verb?

THAT term came from our friend Robert Hagen of Anger Overdose. When you follow and support so many bands that Facebook bans you from doing so, that is AGBATing. Being banned by FB from following or posting because of AGBATing is called being AGBATed.

We have been promoting other bands and musicians since our inception, and since WAY before when Chris was in the US. We feel ALL good music should be heard, regardless of genre. Music isn’t a competition, it’s an experience everyone should enjoy without being ridiculed or judged…..Unless of course, music just isn’t your thing, and you should probably just stick to playing the radio.

A good analogy for the above statement would be: Many want to be pro basketball players or football players,….but they just don’t have the talent for it…..same goes for music. But like sports, practice is VERY important.

What is the inspiration in your music?

Past life situations mostly. It varies.

Favorite artist(s) (not yourself)?

Too many to list, but here’s a short list in no particular order: Post Profit Sevendust Twelve Foot Ninja HAKEN Ihlo João Gilberto Stan Getz Dean Martin Billie Holiday Valis Ablaze Jared Dines Slipknot Big Wreck Slash Slightly Stoopid Voyager Dirty Heads Green Day Porcupine Tree Sneaker Pimps Harry Mack Deftones Joe Walsh Soilwork Gerry Rafferty Filter Tech N9ne Killswitch Engage Ribozyme Children Of Bodom Guns N’ Roses The Offspring Living Color Failure Bayden Powell Zero 7 Literally SO many more.

Favorite movie(s)?

Poolhall Junkies, Goon, Aliens, Terminator, Blazing Saddles, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Van Wilder, Real Genius, Top Secret, Sahara (from the Clive Cussler book)

Sondre Skar Selsvik, AGBAT

Last album/EP/single release?

Darkest Parts released Feb 24th 2023

Any upcoming music releases? When?

Hopefully, this summer, a remake of probably one of the most iconic 80’s songs ever written, but done in our style.

Upcoming shows/tours?

None – we are a studio project. Most Norwegians are not into our music, much less want to play it. That’s what happens when you live in a small farming village. Yes, VILLAGE. There’s probably only a tad more than 5k people who live in our area.

What is a venue you always wanted to perform in? Why?

Haven’t really thought about playing venues. To us, if we COULD play our music live, we’d play wherever with whomever.

What artist(s) would you want to tour with?

Would love to share the stage with Sevendust.

What was your most memorable performance?

Again, we’ve never played AGBATs music live. Maybe one day. Who knows what the future holds.


What brand instrument(s) and equipment do you play? Any favs?

Ibanez 6 string guitar
Ibanez 5 string bass
Ibanez 8 string guitar
Schecter 7 string guitar
A keyboard and a computer.

What is a favorite story you’d like to share about the band?

Nothing stands out. We’re pretty boring. We’re just two broke ass dads having some fun and throwing out some music to the masses. (That the masses didn’t ask for, mind you.)

There are stories from other bands we were both in and not in together, but nothing from AGBAT.

What is the song of yours that means the most to you?

Unconditional Love as it’s a ”letter” to our kids

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