July 2021

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Weatherworn formed in 2018 and based in Fairfax, VA

Social Media accounts/website/contact info? 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/weatherwornband

Instagram: www.instagram.com/weatherwornband 

Twitter: www.twitter.com/weatherwornband

Website: http://weatherwornva.com

Artist members/rolls/public professional profiles?

Dylan – Vox

Joey – Guitar/Vox

Steven – Lead Guitar

Jack – Bass

Found in RTA playlists:

A, E, N, P and U

RTA Favorites:

You Had Me at Hello, Headbanger’s Ball, Head in Hands

Sub-genera(s) of your music?


Favorite artists (not yourself)?

Bayside, My Chemical Romance, and Saves the Day

What was the story in forming the band?

Weatherworn: [We] began as a solo project of Joey’s, called Prior Engagements, in 2016. The name was changed to Weatherworn in 2018. A full-band line-up was established in 2019, after the release of Still Frames (LP1). The band recruited Dylan (Vox) in 2020, fulfilling the line-up for Postcards (LP2) which was released on June 4, 2021. RTA: Nice! We all love the music so far and can’t wait to hear more!

What is the inspiration in your music?

Weatherworn: Creating music is a sense of purpose. Each song has been written about an experience that has been live-changing thus far. 

RTA: That’s great! Why none of us have become music writers is that no one like to hear about our single, boring lives with most of us still living at our parents house…not a good seller.

Favorite movie(s)?

Weatherworn: Way too many to list…

RTA: None of us have heard about that one. We sent Judy from IT to find a copy at Blockbuster, she hasn’t returned yet.

Bossman: I employ a bunch of idiots!

Last album/EP/single release?

Weatherworn: New album Postcards (LP2) available now!

RTA: We play it non-stop on repeat here at the office…for weeks now…we think the stereo is broken…please help!

Upcoming shows/tours for the next year?

Weatherworn: We have a few dates lined-up for the Fall. Keep an eye out.

RTA: Will do, keep us updated and we’ll spread the word to our millions, thousands, hundreds of loyal fans.

What is a venue you always wanted to perform in? Why?

Weatherworn: 9:30 Club; Steven and I (Joey) played there in 2010 as part of a battle of the bands event. Performing there as part of an official bill would be incredible.

RTA: Jerry from Shipping did the vocals cover for Metallica’s “Orion” in a battle of the bands once. He just stood on stage for 10 minutes then left. Don’t think he won.

What artist would you want to open for?

Weatherworn: Hot Mulligan, The Dangerous Summer, and The Menzingers

RTA: Excellent choices! Last one of these artists to contact Weatherworn for a show is a rotten egg!

Dogs or cats?

Weatherworn: Both

RTA: Who writes these questions? A better question would be Velociraptors or Megalodons?

What is the song of yours that means the most to you?

Weatherworn: Jets to Muncy and Admire the Quiet. Both songs were written about loved ones who are no longer with us.

RTA: The feels! Music is one of those outlets that can convey the perfect emotion anyone is having!