By Squiggly Meyers

Artist Review

Alright, music lovers, Lousiville, Kentucky is where we find today’s featured artist. Formed in 2020, Skipping Stone’s attitude is simply to make the most of life, and rock while doing it. Born and bred into music, they try to live up to the legacy of their forbearers. It’s something they feel they are destined to accomplish. Mid-western natives, they travel the roads of America accompanied by their number one fan, Bona Lisa.

Musically, this Diamond Hard Rock band channels their musical influences through every pore in their bodies to present a unique blend of music that stands toe to toe with bands such as The Offspring, Avenged Sevenfold, and The All-American Rejects. In short, Skipping Stone is an excellent find with the drive to excel to stardom at any moment.

Song Review – Trust Me (Everything Is Going To Be Fine)

The silence is broken from the right, then the left, as we’re awoken from our catatonic state. The music kicks in, and Skipping Stone is at the helm. From the onset we’re pulled into a rush of energy that can only be described as a vortex of sound. With a heaviness that rolls in like a steam shovel, “Trust Me” makes its presence known. A well-produced song, in my humble opinion, Skipping Stone shows us how it’s done.

Lyrically, it depicts the shadow of the illusion of security we create in our minds when we ignore the symptoms. At least it does to this listener’s ear. How we keep telling ourselves that everything is going to be fine as the walls tumble down around us. When all our efforts to present a façade of wellbeing comes crashing down and we’re left bear boned and exposed. If we can accept who we are in the flesh, then there is a glimmer of hope.

It’s these kinds of songs that leave their mark. Those who challenge us to break out and show our vulnerable side. Skipping Stone brings it’s A game to the party. Don’t believe me? Just ask Bona Lisa.

Skipping Stone – Trust Me (Everything Is Going To Be Fine)
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