July 2023

Formed when? 2020

Based in what city? Vancouver BC

Social Media accounts/website/contact info?https://linktr.ee/jerichoblue

Artist members/rolls?
Preston – Blue/Lead Guitar
Toni – Tello/Vocals
Andrew – Drums/Producer

Subgenre(s) of your music? Rock

Jericho Blue

What was the story in forming the band?
I am the founding member of Jericho Blue. I’ve been playing in bands, and writing songs my entire life before the band started. Forming this lineup/group with my friends was an amazing experience. Our good friend Andrew is our drummer and my wife is our singer. I get to play guitar and have fun which is great! We wanted to start this band as one that wrote the music no one else is writing anymore. The songs we all love and the feeling we get when music makes us feel free. Our songs belong to everyone! Our full length album coming in 2024 will be a full expression of the sound, words and feeling that is Jericho Blue.

How did you come up with the band name?
I wanted to name the band something to do with Vancouver so possibly after a beach in Vancouver.  Jericho Beach didn’t sound right. I suggested Jericho Blue instead of beach and we all liked it.

Jericho Blue

What is the inspiration in your music?
We usually write our songs as an idea that we came up with or something that we said. Most of the time the songs write themselves. 

Favorite artist(s) (not yourself)?
Bryan Adams, Tragically Hip, Jimmy Buffett, The Rolling Stones.

Favorite movie(s)?
Jurassic Park

Last album/EP/single release?
Our self-titled EP 

Any upcoming music releases? When?
We will have a new single this fall. We are working on the final touches of our first full length album ready to start recording this year. It should feature at least 12 songs and be released in 2024.

Jericho Blue

What is a venue you always wanted to perform in? Why? 
Pacific Coliseum! Some of the most legendary acts have played in that venue over the years. It would be great to have a rock concert there again some day!

What artist(s) would you want to tour with?
Any artist would be great to tour with. 5 Seconds of Summer, Simple Plan or Tom Cochrane would be so much fun, as Jeff Jones played bass on one of our songs on our debut EP.

What brand instrument(s) and equipment do you play? Any favs?
Fender, Gretsch guitars. Vox amps. 

What is a favorite story you’d like to share about the band?
When we were forming the band, we had the music figured out but we didn’t have a singer. We had been auditioning singers for 6+ months with no luck for whatever reason. One day our drummer called me and told said that my wife (at the time girlfriend) posted a video of her singing “You Learn”…. Needless to say she became the singer from that day on.

What is the song of yours that means the most to you?
Rolling Waves or The Runaway. Rolling Waves is my personal favourite song that I’ve written (so far) but The Runaway I wrote for the late and great, Gord Downie. That song has a very special place in my heart as does Gord!

What was your most memorable performance?
Our first show! Each band only gets one first show and it was a special moment for us all to take our first song together on stage and kick it in with a 1,2,3,4!

Jericho Blue

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