By Squiggly Meyers

Artist Review

Hey music lovers, today’s featured artist calls their home in The Alamo City, that’s San Antonio, TX, in case you didn’t know. Formed in 2016, singer-songwriter and bassist Missy Ann decided to throw off the shackles of conformity she found in other bands and ventured out on her own.

She needed an outlet for the angst within. Previous projects she was involved with just didn’t seem to be a suitable sounding board for her style of emotion filled alternative rock. She would endeavor to create her own.

Taking to the internet, Missy put out the word that she was starting an Alternative Rock Band, and with a little shuffling here and there, luck was on her side, and Fox Motel was born. Now, Fox Motel has a sound that draws from the alternative and grunge age of the nineties with bands like Third Eye Blind, Everclear, and Bush to name a few.

They stand toe to toe with the best of them. Surrounded by gentlemen of the highest caliber, Missy takes full advantage of their musical prowess. In short, Fox Motel is a great band both in the playlist and on the stage. So, if you are an adventurous soul, take Fox Motel out for a spin.

Song Review – Hey Now

Alright music lovers, let’s check in at the Fox Motel and slide our card on the jukebox to enjoy today’s featured song, “Hey Now”. This Raunchy Alternative Rock entry is a fun song to jam on. Filled with the energy of a pressure cooker. The pulsating pace of this song calls to mind those collage frat party staples like Scotty Doesn’t Know, Semi-Charmed Kind of Life, So Much for the Afterglow, and songs like that nature.

The musicianship is on point as a backdrop for the vocals that come through loud ‘n’ clear with a message of defiance that expresses the frustration with those who want to just play with our hearts. Why is it so hard to find a decent person out there. In typical angst, this song makes its voice heard. Well music lovers, if you’re a fan of alternative rock, come check in at the Fox Motel.

Fox Motel – Hey Now
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