Artist Review – Everyone Lies

By Squiggly Meyers

Hey music lovers, for today’s featured artist, we must cross the pond to the south shores of England, in Hampshire. For in the town of Southampton / Andover in 2019, a band was formed when two mates got together for a cup of coffee. Add and Steve discussed how they felt short-changed by their 20 plus years of being in and out of bands. Frustrated by years of work with nothing of substance to show for it. Man, if we could only have more say in how our to manage our work? Why don’t we form our own band? That’s crazy enough to work. And by the bottom of the cup, the plan was set in motion.

The initial idea was to record an album and get some gigs booked. The two quickly began searching for more ingredients to complete this musical stew. Add knew a bloke named Benner, and he quickly came aboard. Benner did some searching and found Locky in a Facebook group, and after a practice, they had their drummer. What do we call ourselves then? Steve said “How about Everyone Lies?” That’s brilliant, mate, and they were off in spades.

The band was gelling on all avenues, and then the pandemic reared its ugly head. These months went by, and they worked on perfecting their craft. Once the lockdown was lifted, they began to book some gigs. To their surprise, they were well received. So much so that they soon found their calendar booked solid. Though this looked promising, the workload was too much for Steve, and he stepped down. Locky had a mate that he contacted as a replacement, and before you knew it, Ross was in.

Musically, the band takes their cue from band’s they grew up with. Notably, Travis Barker of blink-182, Green Day mixed in with the Ramones and MxPx. Their music draws also from within themselves, citing everyday life both personal and in the world. Their aim is to have fun but to leave a lasting impression with their audience as well. So this band has got a heap of potential, and I’m sure they will make it evident.

Everyone Lies

Song Review: Fight or Flight

By Squiggly Meyers

The room is dark, you begin to hear some shuffling about, then suddenly the lights and sound break the void, and you’re catapulted into a full-on Punk Riot. Everyone Lies takes on a ride of epic proportions. With Benner and Add driving their high gained Orange amps and the combo of Fender and Gibos rip into a frenzy of power chords.

Then, along with the power house rhythm of Ross’s bass and Locky’s pile driving drumming, you got a real bang here. This anthem for a revolution of self, a pounding chant to get out of the rut and make something of ourselves. A well-deserved musical kick in the ass. Everyone Lies sure makes you want to thrash around and enjoy every moment of life. Fight or flight is a great track to wake up to in the morning.

Everyone Lies – Fight or Flight

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